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CFA 2011 Level I Video Training Complete. Giá trọn bộ 180K Free Shipping

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08/02/2011 Updated:
CFA Video Seminar Series  

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This is a collection of a series of tutorial videos containing the following topics. Helpful for finance/CFA (level 1) students. All the video sessions range from the time frame of 1/2 hr to 2 hrs. Each topic is explained by different professionals of various institutes having good credentials.

-Video 1: Ethics
-Video 2: Time Value of Money
-Video 3: Sampling and Estimation Issues
-Video 4: Macroeconomics
-Video 5: Microeconomics
-Video 6: Global Economic Analysis
-Video 7: FSA A
-Video 8: FSA B
-Video 9: FSA C
-Video 10: FSA D
-Video 11: Corporate Finance
-Video 12: Portfolio Management and Capital Market Theory
-Video 13: Securities Markets
-Video 14: Equity Valuation
-Video 15: Debt Valuation A
-Video 16: Debt Valuation B
-Video 17: Derivatives Valuation
-Video 18: Alternative Investments


Đã có Full Packages CFA level 1- 2011. Incl:
- 16 CD Videos
- Qbank ( soft+ pdf)

- 2 volumes Slide workbook

- 5 volumes StudyNotes

- Quicksheet

- CFA Curriculum Level 1
Price @= 180K ( FREE SHIPPING)
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